Bring your ramen cooking skills to the next level!

The road to authentic ramen soup is not as long as you think! With the tutorial videos from the ramen experts at Takumi you can easily take your ramen skills to the next level. Have fun!

Basic class

Let the professionals show you how to make the perfect Demae Ramen noodles. This authentic Japanese soup is the perfect basis for many recipes. If you have already mastered this task, you can move directly to level one.

Level 1: Demae Ramen Chicken Takumi style

Ready for Demae Ramen Chicken Takumi style? Learn how to make a delicious ramen soup with Demae Ramen Chicken and fresh ingredients.

Level 2.1: Demae Ramen Sesame Takumi style

Feel like Demae Ramen Sesame Takumi style? Then let's go! In this tutorial you will learn how to refine Demae Ramen Sesame with toppings, sauce and oil. You will learn how to make the broth in the next video.

Level 2.2: Broth

Learn how to turn your Demae Ramen Sesame into a special culinary experience with broth from the Takumi ramen masters. Let's get started!

Level 3.1: Demae Ramen Beef Takumi style

Time to increase the difficulty level: learn the first step in creating your authentic Demae Ramen Beef Takumi style. Everything about the preparation of the oil and the broth can be seen in the following video.

Level 3.2: Oil and broth

Are the toppings and sauce for your Demae Ramen Beef Takumi style ready? Then it's time for the oil and broth – of course, explained step by step by the Takumi ramen masters.

Level 4.1: Demae Ramen Spicy Takumi style

Things are really heating up, because now you’re cooking Demae Ramen Spicy Takumi style! In this and in the next video, you learn all about the new creations of the Takumi ramen masters.

Level 4.2: Oil and broth

Little by little you are turning into a real ramen expert. All you’re missing now is fine tuning your Demae Ramen Spicy Takumi style with just the right oil and a tasty broth. Learn more in this video.

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