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Our Demae Ramen noodles are totally “Oishii?” (delicious)! But the best thing about them is that with a little bit of effort and a dash of creativity you can fine-tune them however you like, and create your own personal favourite. To give you a little foretaste of what you can cook up with our products, we’ve put together a few recipe ideas here. We regularly offer new recipes for you here as well as on our social media channels. Happy cooking – and enjoy!

Classic Japanese Shoyu Ramen

with Chashu Pork

The ramen classic with chashu pork, bean sprouts, and nori.

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Spicy Beef Ramen

with Choy Sum & Enoki Mushrooms

A hearty, spicy bowl with beef, garlic, and spring onions.

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Garlic Shio Ramen

with Shimeji Mushrooms

A delicious and light ramen bowl with garlic, ginger, and spring onions.

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