Now you too can become a master!

Two masters in the preparation of authentic Japanese ramen soups have joined forces to create an incomparable taste sensation with the Special Miso Ramen – Takumi, the famous ramen restaurant, and Nissin, the inventor of Cup Noodles.

We want to invite you to join the circle of ramen masters by taking part in our competition. With a little luck, you could win 1 of 50 original Japanese chef's knives or a Takumi product box!

Master chefs swear by these perfectly balanced and extremely sharp kitchen knives. The razor-sharp edge slices right through, never squeezing the cells of the food.
This helps to preserve the juices, locking in the full, true flavour of the food.

That’s why the Japanese say “the knife is the soul of the cook".
Maybe you’ll have one on your cutting board soon too?

We wish you good luck!

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